Hardy Island Granite Products

Hardy Island granite has exceptionally well developed splitting grains, which allow the economical production of high quality split face products. Most of the stone produced by the Hardy Island Quarry is processed by Bedrock Granite Sales in Coquitlam, B.C.

Bedrock is a family-run business started by Greg Raymond in 1985. Today three of his sons and one daughter run the operation, along with a complement of skilled staff. The yard produces a wide range of sawn, split and thinstone products from a number of different stones, all natural and all quarried in the pacific northwest. Bedrock Granite Sales operates two Diamond Saws, a Hydrasplit 300, which provides building stone with no drill marks and a ThinStone TXS.

The stone is processed into a wide variety of sawn and split products including:
  • Sawn Ashlar 4" facing (also available in 2")
  • Random 4" facing
  • Square cut 4" facing
  • Ledgestone
  • Weathered 4" facing
  • Sawn and flamed pavers
  • Coping and pillar caps
  • Tumbled cobbles and facing
  • Landscaping blocks, steps, etc.
  • Custom orders - split or sawn to desired dimensions

The Eagle saw at Bedrock Granite Sales, Ltd. has an 11-foot blade






The Predator saw in use at Bedrock Granite Sales, Ltd.




Hydraulic Splitter

A hydraulic splitter in use at Bedrock Granite Sales Ltd. (and Dave)








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